G-NAF Premium Address Points

Using the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) as a base data input, G-NAF Premium Address Points provides comprehensive, easy to use and nationally consistent location enabled address data for Australia. This dataset includes both the complete G-NAF data structure as well as a simplified data model to improve usability for mapping, analytics, and routing purposes. Enhancements include improved geocoding with two nationally consistent geocode options, and enhanced linkages to land parcels, postcodes, localities, and statistical boundaries.


  • Determine addresses at a given location or within a region
  • Estimate the number of households or businesses at locations or within regions
  • Visualize settlement density
  • Find the location of addresses
  • Build thematic maps of household or business data


  • Provides complete national coverage with consistently structured data across all jurisdictions
  • Ensures compatibility with other G-NAF data
  • Includes parcel centroids and frontage points across all jurisdictions
  • Aligns perfectly to street and boundary data products for consistent mapping and analysis


  • 96% of G-NAF addresses include parcel and road setback coordinates
  • Includes primary and secondary addresses, such as standard street addresses, units, and shops
  • Covers 745,000 alias addresses
  • Feaatuers G-NAF address string persistent identifier


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