Consumer IQ

Verifying, scoring, and completing contact information for customers and prospects gives you a competitive edge.


Every consumer's journey with a brand is unique. From inbound engagement to conversion and retention, Consumer IQ will help you provide the best experience possible when interacting with your brand.


Consumer IQ empowers you to enrich leads, create successful omnichannel marketing campaigns, increase marketing reach, and improve overall lead conversions. Get instant insight into consumers engaging with your brand by leveraging an identity graph of 256 million consumers. 


  • Scores input data quality on a 1 to 100 scale
  • Provides additional contact points for improved identity resolution
  • Extends your marketing reach
  • Built from an identity graph that gets 97,500,000 daily updates
  • Created with over 30 years of historical identity assets


  • Identity verification
  • Identity scoring
  • Identity completion



  • Full name completion
  • Alias identification
  • Current address completion
  • Previous address completion
  • Up to 3 additional phone number appends
  • Email address completion
  • Up to 3 additional email address appends
  • Hashed email address append
  • Validation scoring
  • Verification scoring
  • ID verify score
  • Risk flagging


United States
Release schedule
Monthly, Quarterly
Unit of sale
Per matched record or as a custom data extract

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