Community and Market Link

Created using location intelligence software to perform point-in-polygon operations with address and boundary data, Community and Market Link products provide a flat text file of addresses associated to boundaries.


With Community and Market Link, users don’t need to perform complex and time-consuming geospatial processing to understand the relationships between an address and the boundaries it falls within. Insights into customer activity, school districts, and township administration are available through a quick and simple lookup. Using a unique address identifier, Community and Market Link can be used to connect with other datasets with information related to properties, natural hazard risk, points of interest, and demographics.


  • Enhance understanding of customer activity
  • Develop accurate real estate profiles
  • See the hierarchy of boundaries for an address point
  • Link boundary information to risk, property, and demographic data
  • Identify new potential locations
  • Perform analytics to better understand markets


  • The most comprehensive and accurate coverage derived from best-in-class geocoding
  • Fast and easy lookup of important boundary information with a unique address identifier
  • Flat text file for flexibility in usage
  • Regular updates to ensure the latest data


Community and Market Link associates U.S. addresses to boundaries and are available in the following options:

  • Community Link - Colleges
  • Community Link - Metros
  • Community Link - Neighborhoods
  • Community Link - Residential
  • Community Link - Schools
  • Market Link - 5 Digit Zip Codes
  • Market Link - Carrier Routes
  • Market Link - Census
  • Market Link - Congressional Districts
  • Market Link - DMAs
  • Market Link - Time Zones
  • Master Link (includes all above boundaries)


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