World StreetPro

World StreetPro is designed for state and country-wide mapping where a comprehensive, small-scale reference layer is required. This intermediate level digital map base includes roads, railways, international and administrative boundaries, urban areas, coastlines, waterbodies, land cover and gazetteers for approximately 240 countries and territories. Suitable applications include graphic output, backdrop mapping and route planning.


  • Easy, yet comprehensive reference mapping at a national or state level
  • Continuous and standardized attribution across countries
  • Attractive cartography for Location Intelligence applications
  • Spatially accurate mapping framework
  • Suitable for use at a nominal scale of 1:500,000
  • Appropriate levels of data for fast map rendering


  • Appropriate data: Offers content selected specifically for small scale mapping applications
  • Superior content and attribution: Sources data from best of breed providers and ensures consistent attribution across all countries
  • Simplified installation management: Streamlines installation across states, countries and continents with a global installer
  • Variety of file formats: Provides data in .TAB, .SHP and GDB formats


  • Coastlines
  • Countries
  • Major highways and roads
  • Airport locations
  • Railways
  • Built-up areas of significant settlements
  • Major water bodies
  • Gazetteer
  • Major administrative boundaries
  • Major National Parks and reserves


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