US Bank and Credit Union Branch Locations

US Bank and Credit Union Branch Locations covers every bank branch available from the current FDIC data and the majority of credit union locations available from the current NCUA data. (Small, employer-based credit unions may not be included.)

Details include five-year deposit history, branch age and the type of facility. Data has been cleaned and organized for easy mapping, visualization and reporting on any standard or customer geography. Annual updates ensure the most accurate data available.


  • Provides the critical geographic insight financial service organizations require for success
  • Can be used with your existing GIS and database tools or within larger solutions for predictive analytics, Location Intelligence and customer engagement
  • Enables geographic enrichment for improved market assessment, branch planning and more


Superior location insight leads to improved decisions:

  • Optimize branch networks.
  • Uncover opportunities.
  • Manage risks.


  • Institution name
  • Branch address and latitude/longitude
  • Branch date open (not available for credit unions)
  • In-store identification
  • 5 year deposit trend
  • Holding company name, location and assets


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