World Time Zone Boundaries

World Time Zone Boundaries is a map of the world’s lands and waters by time zone. A header shows each time zone's deviation in hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Daylight Saving Time (DST). Each time zone is divided by country (or parts of countries) and associated with the start and end dates and times of daylight saving time.


  • The geographic information in is useful for analysis of:

–– Emerging markets

–– Site selection

–– Telecommunications and worldwide network development

–– Sales territory alignment

–– Worldwide shipping and distribution

–– Worldwide tracking

–– Search and rescue missions

–– Strategic military planning and command center operations

–– Homeland security initiatives

–– Communication control centers

–– Video conference reporting

  • Can aid in decision making, cost control and marketing analysis to enhance profitability


  • Country name, ISO code, and FIPS
  • Standard and DST variation from UTC
  • DST start/end dates, start/end times
  • Time Zone ID


Contains two layers:

  • Time Zone boundaries
  • International Dateline

Layers are organized into workspaces for ease of use:

  • WorldTimeZones.wor
  • WorldTimeZones.mws
  • WorldTimeZones.gst
  • WorldTimeZones.mdf


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