StreetPro Classic

StreetPro Classic is a fully attributed vector GIS dataset containing streets, administrative areas, gazetteer, transport, land use, and points of interest data.

StreetPro Classic is more than a detailed base map; it is an attributed, interactive dataset which allows the user to perform a host of geographic and spatial functions that cannot be accomplished with base maps such as Bing and Google.

StreetPro Classic is built using the same data utilized in our geocoding software (Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module), allowing you to visualize and further analyze your geocoded data with the confidence that it will align seamlessly. StreetPro Classic can also be delivered with MapInfo Routefinder Networks to provide desktop geocoding, backdrop mapping, attributes, and context for analyzing drivetime and routing results from MapInfo Routefinder.


  • Supports numerous business-critical decision-making processes (logistics, asset management, risk analysis, fraud analysis, customer insight, retail planning, and emergency planning)
  • Updated regularly to ensure you have the latest data
  • Data is formatted for ease of integration with corporate GIS and enterprise environments, allowing you to fully realize the benefits of location intelligence as part of your integrated business processes.
  • Provides input into strategic investment planning, profitability management, and management of tactical business issues


Complete topologically correct and routable street network

Represents the entire street network structure in a linked and “clean” network

Chained network for display

Provides a simplified chained network to accelerate map rendering for display purposes

Superior content
and attribution

Sources data from best of breed providers to ensure that attributes meet the highest standard

Simplified installation

Streamlines installation across states, countries and continents with a global installer

Definitive address ranges

Produces address ranges using authoritative sources for each country

Variety of file formats

Provides data in MapInfo .TAB, .SHP and GDB formats


Includes the following:

  • Addresses
  • Administrative and locality boundaries
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Built-up areas
  • Drainage and water bodies
  • Freeways and highways
  • Land use
  • Parks
  • Points of interest
  • Railways and stations
  • Street network, both chained and routable


Release schedule
Quarterly, Bi-annually, Annually
Unit of Sale
Global, Continent, Country, State

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