School Grounds

School Grounds provides accurate polygons that define the geographic extent of the campus for public schools across the U.S.


  • Control access to applications within school grounds
  •  Process and disseminate information and manage logistics during emergency events
  •  Develop knowledge and support mechanisms for early warning, mitigation, and response planning


  • Provides rooftop latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Includes school contact information including the physical address
  • Links to NCES district and school IDs for additional school characteristics and features
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release
  • Quarterly updates detailing where changes and coverage expansion have occurred


  • Includes geofences for over 87,000 public elementary, middle, and high school campuses including all relevant buildings, fields, and parking areas
  • Covers the full range of education levels, including:
    • High school
    • Middle and high school combined
    • Middle school
    • Primary, middle, and high school combined
    • Primary and middle school combined
    • Primary schools


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