Desktop and Enterprise Routing Networks

Desktop and Enterprise Routing Networks provide compiled street networks for use with mapping and routing software. Compatible with Precisely's MapInfo Pro and Spectrum software, routing network applications work to power analytics at both the desktop and enterprise level.


Save money
Determine the quickest or shortest time to travel from place to place; optimize run sheets and reduce costs in the logistics industry
Plan better
Create retail catchment zones by understanding how far customers can drive in a set amount of time
Save lives
Ensure that all residences are within a specified driving distance of an emergency services center
Analyze service levels
Update client records with the distance they need to travel to obtain service


  • Available in more than 100 countries
  • Includes logistics restrictions and/or historical speed by time of day for more than 40 countries
  • Available for both desktop and enterprise routing applications


  • Routable street network ready for use with MapInfo Routefinder and Spectrum Spatial Routing
  • Navigation restrictions including one ways and turn restrictions
  • Includes posted or legal speed limits
  • Contains historical recorded speed by time of day and day of week 
  • Provides height, weight, and width restrictions


Release schedule
Quarterly, Bi-annually, Annually
Unit of sale

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