RateCenterInfo provides geographic information about rate centers throughout the United States and Canada. Rate centers are the telecom region of choice for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Cable Telephony Operators, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Wireless Carriers when determining areas of operation and number assignments.

Each dataset combines precise rate center boundaries with specific information about the NPAs and NXXs operating within each rate center, so users can:

  • More accurately determine the Area Code/Exchange (NPA/NXX) combinations.
  • Identify the service providers within specific rate centers.
  • Access the name, OCN category, LATA number and more for NPAs and NXXs operating within each rate center.


Provides insight that enables market planning, number inventory assessment, demographic analysis, and local number portability.

Users can:

  • Determine the rate centers for ordering NPAs and/or NXXs.
  • Identify central offices for co-location.
  • Assign customers to the correct rate center for new service.
  • Perform market research, competitive analysis, and network planning.


  • Highly current and accurate data, based on rigorous methodology, extensive research, a customer feedback mechanism and timely updates
  • The point table data includes:
    • State or Province
    • Rate center name
    • Alternative rate center name
    • V/H and X/Y coordinates
  • The geography table provides:
    • Rate center name
    • Rate center ID
    • Alternate rate center name
    • State or Province
  • The data table includes:
    • NPA
    • NXX
    • Start and end ranges
    • State or Province
    • Rate center name
    • Alternative rate center name
    • Rate center ID
    • Locality name
    • Operating company number
    • Operating company name
    • Operating company category
    • LATA


  • Rate center regions
  • Rate center points
  • NPA/NXX details


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