Postcode Boundaries Australia

Postcode Boundaries Australia provides a geographic representation of postcode boundaries for the entire country. Postcode boundaries are built in a nationwide parent-child hierarchy from suburb and locality boundaries, with no gaps or overlaps.


  • Permits internal business data to be easily linked and thematically mapped
  • Provides the most accurate and up-to-date postcode boundary definitions available for Australia
  • Easily identify the linkage between postcodes and localities


  • Complete national coverage including rural and remote areas
  • Linkage to localities simplifies identification of errors in addressing
  • Demographic data tieid to Australian postcode boundaries
  • Perfect alignment with CadastralPlus, G-NAF Premium Address Points, and Precisely geocoding for more accurate analysis and mapping


  • More than 2,600 unique postcodes available nationally
  • Includes base demographics related to:
    • Total population
    • Households
    • Median personal income
    • Median household income
    • Population density


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