OS MasterMap Highways Network

OS MasterMap Integrated Highways Network identifies and maps Great Britain’s road network, from motorways to pedestrian streets and alleys.


  • Provides large-scale local coverage
  • Displays roads and networks in vector format
  • Enables route planning, transport planning and resource management
  • Helpful in asset management and civil contingency planning


Types of roads

M Motorway; A road; B road; minor road; local street; alleyway; private road; publicly accessible private road; restricted access road; and pedestrianized streets

Road routing information

Access restrictions; bridge over road; firing range; ford; gate; level crossing; mandatory and banned turns; one-way; physical weight and width restrictions; rising bollards; severe turn; steep and very steep gradients; through route; toll indicator; and traffic calming

Urban paths

Man-made paths in urban areas of Great Britain larger than 5km2


  • Types of roads
  • Road routing Information (for drivers on mandatory and banned turns and other restrictions)
  • Urban paths (man-made path geometry in urban areas)


United Kingdom

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