GeoVision is an enhanced version of PSMA’s Geoscape® product, Australia’s only nationwide representation of the built environment. GeoVision simplifies and enhances the experience of using this nationally important dataset, and provides a picture of every building at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail, including:

  • Building height
  • Roofing information
  • Land cover and trees
  • Solar panels
  • Swimming pools


GeoVision is available and maintained for all urban, regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia.


Public Sector
Planning, compliance, emergency management, and visualization
Risk assessment, premium determination, and claims assessment
Line of sight and viewshed analysis, market location analysis, and RF modeling
Building locations, solar installations, connection points, and planning
Real Estate
Valuation, marketing, farm mapping, and asset evaluation
Service Providers
Location of buildings, swimming pools, and solar installations


  • Complete national coverage including rural and remote areas
  • Easy searching and reporting by
    • Address
    • Suburb
    • Postcode
    • Real property description
    • Property identifier
  • Simplified usage so users can be productive immediately upon installation 
  • Multi-resolution raster format 


Building address
  • Cadastral parcel identifier
  • Property information
  • Zoning 
  • Suburb and locality
  • Postcode
  • Local government area
  • SA1 and mesh block
Building attributes
  • Roof area
  • Roof pitch/complexity
  • Maximum height of overhanging trees
  • Number of roof vertices
  • Ground-level building centroid
  • Maximum roof height
  • Swimming pool indicator
  • Roof material
  • Solar panel indicator
  • Residential land use indicator
Landcover and tree height
  • Impervious surfaces: built-up areas, roads and paths, bare earth, and buildings
  • Vegetation: tree coverage, grass coverage, and unspecified vegetation
  • Water


Release schedule
Unit of sale
Country, State, LGA, Feature, Theme

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