GeoEnrichment Risk Data

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GeoEnrichment Risk Data provides reliable and accurate information about risks associated with a specific location, such as wildfire, flood, distance to coast and property fire protection. This risk information allows underwriters, actuaries, product managers and claims managers to make underwriting, pricing and product decisions with minimal integration into their existing business systems.

Each product associates precise locations with known addresses. Users can quickly search and retrieve relevant information in a simple, accurate process via a unique identifier. This eliminates the need for complex geospatial processing and delivers the desired information faster, for more efficient business practices.


Improve business decisions based on best-in-class risk data:

  • Evaluate current flood, wildfire, property fire risk, etc. information by address

  • Underwrite wildfire risk where other companies do not have the means to

  • Quickly understand storm surge risk by finding water bodies that connect to the coast

  • Customize a property fire risk profile based on your book of business


  • Our most comprehensive and accurate coverage derived from best-in-class geocoder

  • Unique identifier for fast and easy lookup of important information

  • Available in a Spectrum™-supported format or a flat text file for flexibility in usage

  • Regular updates for the latest data


  • Flood risk rating

  • Property flood elevation

  • Property NFIP participation

  • Comprehensive wildfire risk score

  • Wildfire distance to Wildland/Urban interface

  • Previously burned areas

  • Wildfire behavior risk

  • Closest storm surge risk water body

  • Distance to coast

  • Closest fire stations

  • Fastest drive times to fire stations

  • AM, PM and off-peak drive times to fire stations


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