Email Hash

With concerns about protecting consumer data, a standard best practice for many companies is to convert email addresses to a "hashed," or coded string. The hashed version of an email is always consistent and is a unique identifier for the email address. Hashing is a one way process. An email can be converted to a hash but the hash cannot be converted back to the email. With this product we will return hashed emails for match individuals that can be used to connect disparate data within your organization, or to launch digital marketing campaigns.


  • Append any associated email hashes to a matched individual
  • Return email hashes regardless of input type
  • MD5 and SHA256 formats


  • Launch digital marketing campaigns, without the need for plain text email contact information
  • Avoid concerns related to personally identifiable information
  • Perform identity resolution
  • Match email hashes to existing consumer databases to connect data across silos


United States
Release schedule
Monthly, Quarterly
Unit of sale
Per matched record or as a custom data extract

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