Drivetime Isochrones

Drivetime Isochrones provides information about travel, driving time and distance from more than 174 million point of interest locations in over 175 countries. Drivetime Isochrones can be used to develop a unique understanding of each POI, enhance user location history analysis and identify brand affinity, behavioral, demographic and geographic characteristics.

These isochrones are available in 5-, 10-, 20- and 30-minute intervals to provide a travel time geofence around each business location. These geofences allow users to know when potential customers are within a specific area for mobile marketing uses, and identify venues within user travel-time preferences in search and recommend applications.


  • Provides a comprehensive spatial database of travel time polygons for more than 174 million businesses of all sizes and from a wide variety of industries, around the world
  • Supports a thorough review of business information, from analysis to action
  • Enables geofencing operations on all POIs
  • Helps users quickly identify marketing opportunities using real-time consumer locations
  • Allows organizations to build more effective marketing and sales strategies and assign more balanced sales territories


  • Includes over 174 million POIs in more than 175 countries and territories, including approximately 24 million in the US.
  • 5-, 10-, 20- and 30-minute isochrones support a variety of realistic travel time needs.
  • Individual IDs ensure that the right POI is identified when a geofence alert is activated.
  • Isochrone IDs are persistent across releases, only changing when removed or replaced.
  • Drivetime zones are created using Enterprise Routing Module components, including the routing software components and routing data enhanced with TomTom speed profiles data.
  • Isochrones are updated monthly and are available for the following datasets:
    • World Premium Points of Interest
    • World Premium Points of Interest Plus USA
    • World Premium Points of Interest - Consumer
    • World Premium Points of Interest Plus USA - Consumer


To create an easy linkage, the data is delivered in pipe delimited text files, one for each time division. Each file contains an ID link to the POI table and the Isochrone polygon geometry in WKT format.
*WKT or Well Known Text is a textual format to describe vector geometry. A WKT geometry string can be loaded and converted to a native geometry by many common RDBMS database systems.


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