Commercial Geofences Parcels

Commercial Geofences Parcels provides a parcel-level geofence around commercial locations in the US - all while maintaining accuracy and context. Commercial Geofences Parcels delivers this by connecting business information found within the World Premium Points of Interest Plus dataset to its associated parcel boundary.

Our process leverages the interoperability across our data products. A unique address identifier is used to make a series of relational joins across disparate attribute tables to connect associated information.


Targeted mobile messaging

  • Push notifications to targets within or around commercial boundaries more effectively and increase impressions aimed at the appropriate audience.

  • Increase in-store conversion rates and drive foot traffic with strategically placed notifications at the right place, the right time, and to the right consumer.

  • Monitor activity within or around business boundaries.

Confidence in location accuracy

  • Search the 24M+ database records to select only the commercial locations that matter to your campaign.
  • Bring geospatial context to your DSP platform to anchor your mobile location data.

  • Account for co-tenant risk when underwriting commercial lines.


  • National coverage of commercial businesses and their corresponding parcel boundaries.

  • Supporting tables to bring relevant business context to each location including industry codes, brand names, and address information.


  • Over 24M commercial locations

  • Over 12M parcel boundaries

  • Names table

  • Addresses table

  • Primary Attributes table

  • Change table


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