Base Demographics

Base Demographics provides comprehensive coverage of global demographics such as population, age, sex, and race as they relate to local administrative and/or postal geographies. Base Demographics extends to 140 countries globally, offering information on 6.7 billion consumers.


  • Analyze different countries and regions with globlaly consistent methodology
  • Target regional markets with increased precision and accuracy
  • Combine demographic data with postcode, administrative, or small area boundaries for effective, efficient decision-making


  • Population figures are shown as projected averages for the current year on the basis of official statistics, represented in absolute numbers and "per mile" shares
  • Household data represents the total number of households per geography
  • Gender based on total population
  • Age represented in 15-year age bands
  • Globally consistent for multi-national research
  • Maintained with continuous updates by our in-house statistical and geographic department


Variables are included for:

  • Population
  • Households
  • Sex/gender
  • Age bands
  • Unemployed


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